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For more information about Legal Services of Eastern Michigan please visit our website at

Welcome to the Legal Services of Eastern Michigan Food Stamp Help Web Site!

Food Assistance Basics: Pamphlets with general information about the Food Assistance Program (food stamps) in Michigan, including who is eligible, how to apply, answers to frequently asked questions, and important information if you are homeless or have been denied benefits. Check out our pamphlet on what you should do if your caseworker won't call you back.

  • Food Assistance Calculator: (Updated as of Spring 2015)  Find out if you can get Food Assistance and estimate how much help you would receive each month by entering information about your household, income and expenses. Or you can call the Legal Services of Eastern Michigan Food Assistance Helpline for an estimate.
  • Forms You Can Print: Print forms for Request for Hearing form, Appoint a Representative and more.
  • Getting Help: How to get more information and legal help.
  • News Alerts: Read about recent program changes in Michigan.
  • Links to DHS and Other Resources: Find your local Department of Human Services office and other resources that are available online, including information regarding immigrants, seniors, and the Summer Food Service Program.
  • Outreach Materials : Pamphlets that your organization can print to let people know about the Food Assistance Program and our Legal Services of Eastern Michigan Helpline.
  • Food Assistance Video : "Making America Stronger" commemorates the 30th anniversary of the of the reforms achieved by the Food Stamp Act of 1977, telling the story of how food assistance dramatically reduced the extent of severe hunger in our country.
  • Find legal information for low income Michigan residents as well as information about legal aid and other helpful programs that serve your county.


The Legal Services of Eastern Michigan Helpline is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM. It provides free, confidential information. The staff will estimate the amount of monthly benefits you could receive if you apply and help make sure you are receiving all the help for which you are eligible. If you can not call during our regular hours, or if the staff are busy on other calls, you can leave a message. Be sure to list the best times to reach you, the area code along with your phone number and someone will return your call.


CALL: 1(800)-481-4989  


The Helpline is operated statewide by Legal Services of Eastern Michigan with support from the Food Bank Council of Michigan and MAZON.  This institution is an equal opportunity employer. The Michigan Food Stamp Partnership also includes the Michigan Poverty Law Program, who provides technical support for this website.

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